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Student Debt is Scary and Overwhelming

Americans overwhelmed by student loan debt try to gain control over their finances in all sorts of ways.


They may explore loan forgiveness, income based repayment, and other options, only to become further discouraged by either the low chances of success or the prospect of 20 years of payments ahead.

They may rack their brains wondering if they'll ever be able to pay off student loans AND reach any of their actual financial goals, but they never get to the point of making a real, implementable action plan.

They hopelessly look for strategies to pay off their debt more efficiently without getting a second job they have no time for or energy to work.

They even put off things like starting a family, saving for retirement, or even thinking about pursuing other financial goals due to their student debt and the emotional toll it takes.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

Reasons like this are why I can't wait to introduce you to The Student Debt Destroyer Roadmap.

What if...

You had a step-by-step plan to pay off your student loans entirely and feel that weight and stress lifting off your shoulders?

You could easily determine your best path forward and decide if applying for income driven repayment or PSLF was even worth it?

You could move onto life's more fun financial goals earlier in life?

You knew you were 90 days away from getting on track for debt freedom and everything that comes with it?

All without spending the next 30 years paying off college debt, feeling overburdened and undervalued, or giving up your small daily spending pleasures?

Are you ready to take control of your debt?


The Student Debt Destroyer Roadmap was custom built for Americans overwhelmed by their student loans and the stressful path ahead.

The Roadmap was designed with all of your unique student debt obstacles in mind. Whether you have $10,000 in debt, $100,000, or even $1,000,000, this is the program is for you.  

Prepare to be introduced to all of the principles, ideas, and strategies needed to save thousands of dollars in interest and open up your cash flow in the meantime.

Nathan Zarcaro

My Roadmap will change your life.



Accepting the status quo and just trying to make the payments that your student loan provider charges you.


Actively finding a better debt strategy in an attempt to avoid making unnecessary payments

Letting your fears and anxieties keep you from taking any real action

Building confidence and comfort that will lead you to being an agent of change in your financial life

Managing frustration and anger about your outstanding student loan balance

Excitement about being on the right track towards your debt-free future 

If you're ready to make progress and get out of student debt once and for all...

The Student Debt Destroyer Roadmap was created for you!


A 3 month, professional and high-touch coaching program that gives you 1-on-1 support to help you achieve your financial goals in a way that jives with your busy schedule.

What Exactly is The Student Debt Destroyer Roadmap?

The Student Debt Destroyer Roadmap is a 12-week program designed to help you to get out of student debt once and for all.  You're going to learn all about the debt repayment process and what tangible steps you can take NOW to best position yourself for success.

By the end of the program, you'll:

          Understand EXACTLY what your best debt repayment strategy is

          Gain the confidence needed to become financially successful

          Be able to save THOUSANDS of dollars in unnecessary interest payments


Here's More About My Program




Before we get into the “fixing,” we need to understand where you’re starting from.  Get acquainted with the program and get ready to make progress!

In phase one, you're going to:

  • Identify your current income situation 

  • Calculate your starting net worth 

  • Analyze your spending habits 

  • Discover and list your student & consumer debt balances

  • Preparing your top financial goals & organizing all of this data in a personal dashboard



Are you sick and tired of making budgets that don't stick?  Are you unsure what happens to your money?  Get to the root cause of what's going wrong...and how to fix it.

In phase two, you're going to:

  • Learn to maximize your current income 

  • Finally construct a budget that works for you

  • Eliminate the unneeded "fluff" in your budget 

  • Reallocating extra dollars as needed



Next, we'll turn to work to understand exactly what your best path to student debt freedom is.  HINT - it may be an approach you've never even considered!

In phase three, you're going to:

  • Find YOUR path of least resistance 

  • Decide between standard repayment, IDR, and PSLF 

  • Understand how forgiveness programs work

  • Explore the idea of debt consolidation

  • Learn how action today will impact your financial future



We'll continue to explore how best to apply some of that budget fluff to something useful - getting out of debt!  It's easier than you think!

In phase four, you're going to:

  • Complete our unique Debt-Free Planning Process

  • Recalculate and move towards your new debt-free date

  • Cultivate your financial mental mindset 

  • Identify and remove barriers in your way



Almost done!  We’re going to shift gears and explore ways in which you can start to plan for your debt-free future.  That way, when you get there, you're ready to hit the ground running!

In phase five, you're going to:

  • Look ahead and plan your debt free future

  • Set short, medium, & long term "fun" goals

  • Learn how to make your financial goals a reality 

  • Handle change as it comes up

Expect accountability and coaching to assure you stay on track


Each phase has hours of video content designed to walk you through the material you need to know.  This material will be supplemented with your weekly video calls with Nate.


Take advantage of our countless spreadsheets, worksheets, and templates designed to help you make progress in real time.


You'll be encouraged and supported to assure that you make the progress you want to.  You'll have unlimited messaging access directly with Nate for those urgent questions too!


Weekly hour-long calls to keep track of your progress, answer all of your questions, and hold you accountable when needed.

Apply for The Student Debt Destroyer Program today!


I'm Nate.

Founder of The Student Debt Destroyer Roadmap.  I know what it's like to feel financially burdened and like there isn't enough money to reach your financial goals.  And I know all about the disappointment that results when you question whether getting that expensive degree was even worth it in the first place.

I considered myself an expert in the world of personal finance, and I desperately wanted to reach debt freedom, increase my cash flow, buy a home, make a bigger impact (and income), and prove to myself that I had what it took to boost my finances.

I had so much holding me back.

  • $24,000 in debt at age 23

  • no idea what my next course of action should be

  • a job I had no passion for

  • lofty financial goals and no way to reach them


My fiancée, Brigid, and me

Oh, and an internal dialogue that told me that I only had one choice: to accept reality, my dissatisfaction with my finances, and the idea that maybe one day, I'd be financially secure if I just kept taking baby steps.

Eventually, I hit my breaking point and made three big commitments:

  1. Get real with my current financial picture.

  2. To find ways to get out of debt quickly and efficiently

  3. To avoid lifestyle inflation by making my financial goals the top priority.

As a result, I realized I had developed a financial process that increased my cash flow, eliminated my debt, and helped me save up a down payment on my first home, all while traveling and doing the things that I wanted to do.

Americans who are overwhelmed and feel burdened by their student loan debt and the payments that come due each month.

YOU may be a perfect candidate

I've found that my program works best for two types of people:

Frustrated millennials with college debt and seemingly no way to achieve both debt freedom and the financially secure future they desire.

Does either of these describe you?  Keep reading, you're not going to want to miss anything!

I offer unique student loan financial coaching


  • I walk my talk: I've achieved debt-freedom, will become a homeowner before my 26th birthday, and have optimized my cash flow for my debt-free future. 

  • I provide the structure needed to build a productive and trustworthy relationship where you will feel comfortable working with me. 

  • I teach you how to get rid of your student debt, while keeping your eyes on your debt-free date and your future that will follow! 

  • I provide personalized feedback and accountability to get you through the ruts where most “DIY’ers" would quit.


  • I support you with LIVE hour-long interactions weekly, as well as unlimited daily messaging support. 

  • I am 100% results-driven - you get lifetime access to the course material, homework, and modules!



Before we get into the “fixing,” we need to understand where you’re starting from.  In this phase, we’ll work together to to take inventory of where you’re at.  We’ll identify your current income situation, net worth, your current spending habits, student & consumer debt balances, and top financial goals that will guide our next moves.


In Phase 3, you’ll work to understand exactly what your best path to student debt freedom is. You’ll understand whether a standard repayment, income driven repayment, consolidation, refinancing, or other type of plan may be right for you, and then we’ll make sure that you understand all of the nuances and potential downstream effects to your decision.


In this phase, we’ll make sure that you are maximizing your current income so you can learn to feel more comfortable with what you’re making now. Together, we’ll take a first attempt at making a budget that you can stick to. You’ll view each dollar differently, eliminate the excess fluff from your budget, and together, we’ll reallocate these dollars towards your outstanding student loans!


In Phase 4, we’ll continue to explore how best to apply some of that budget fluff to something useful - getting out of debt! You’ll work through our own Debt-Free Planning Process and build the mindset necessary to stay focused on what you owe. We’ll identify and remove any remaining barriers that are in your way, and we’ll cover even more tips what you need to know to pay off your debt ahead of schedule!


In Phase 5, we’ll shift gears and explore ways in which you can start to plan for your debt-free future. By now, you’ll know when you will be debt free by, and we’ll use that date as a barometer to decide our next steps. Possibilities include opening retirement accounts, beginning to invest, and saving for a down payment! Detailed modules will be provided based on what we decide is your best path forward!

Available as a planning session, 3-month coaching program or a DIY eCourse