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[2023] Carvertise Review: Make Money Advertising on Your Car

Updated: Jul 18

Affiliate Marketing Disclosure

I’ve always been a big fan of side hustles. But over the last couple of years, I’ve become more interested in passive side hustles. In other words, ways to make money with as little ongoing work as possible.

It even led me to write a piece about the best ways to get paid for doing nothing. And now, I’m back with another idea to help you make some passive income: wrapping your car with Carvertise.

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What is Carvertise?

Carvertise is essentially an advertising platform that connects brands with drivers in a geographic location. In this arrangement, companies will use Carvertise to promote Their brands and services on drivers’ cars.

In exchange for wrapping their cars in advertisements, drivers will be paid passive income each month. The arrangement is similar to that of Wrapify, which I’ve reviewed in the past.

Get started with Carvertise

Getting started with Carvertise is really simple to do. In fact, you’ll just want to follow these 3 basic steps:

  1. Create an account

  2. Register your car

  3. Provide final details

Step 1: Create an account

I completed the entire registration process to assure that I was providing an unbiased and accurate portrayal of the registration process. Your first step is to create an account, which can be done by providing the company with your name, email address, and phone number.

The portal will then redirect you to step 2.

Step 2: Register your car

Next, you’ll need to provide Carvertise some information about the vehicle you intend to use. When I completed the process, I was asked for my car’s:

  • Make

  • Model

  • Year

  • Color

  • Condition

After you’ve answered these five basic questions, you’ll move on to step 3.

Step 3: Provide final details

In the final part of the registration process, you’ll be asked to provide some more information on your driving habits. Be prepared to answer more nuanced questions about your normal driving habits, including:

  • The number of miles you drive per day

  • The city/town you live in

  • Cities/towns you drive to

  • How your driving habits vary between weekday and weekend


After your account is approved, you'll be ready to search for brand partnerships.

Find a brand to advertise for

Make sure that you are truthful in your application questions. Your answers will be used to find a list of advertising campaigns that may work well for you. Factors such as your geographic location and type of car may be considered.

Some brands will require certain types of cars to be eligible, while others are more flexible. After you've successfully joined a program, you'll be instructed to bring your vehicle to a designated wrapping location.

From here, the hard work is done! You'll be ready to collect your monthly revenue for each month the campaign is active. Then, once your campaign has completed, you'll return your car for the wrapping to be removed.

At this point, you may opt to end the car wrapping experiment, or you may opt to pursue your next brand partnership.

Carvertise eligibility requirements

Unfortunately, not all drivers will qualify to wrap their cars with the Carvertise platform. In order to retain eligibility, you and your car will need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Regularly drive a minimum of 30 miles per day

  2. Have a car from model year 2008 or newer

  3. Not have a history of driving infractions

  4. Have an factory finish paint job

How much money can you make on Carvertise?

So far, what I’ve written is reminiscent of the Wrapify driver experience. But where these two platforms really differ is with their pay models. Wrapify pays drivers each month based on the number of miles driven, since that equates to more potential advertising exposure for brand and company partners.

Carvertise, on the other hand, treats things differently, instead paying you a fixed rate each month for the length of your contract, which may be as short as one month and up to six months, or maybe longer.

This considered, you’ll likely earn around $100 per month just for advertising on the side of your car. But depending on where you live and the demand from brands in your area, you may be able to earn up to $250 - or a little more - each month.

As your Carvertise campaign comes to an end, you'll have a couple of different options. You can:

  • Collect your earnings and move on

  • Decide to apply for further campaigns on the platform

I recommend you continue working campaigns in order to earn as much side income as possible through the platform.

Is Carvertise legit?

I can confirm that Carvertise is a legitimate way to make some money outside of the confines of your day job. That does not mean that everything is perfect, however. While there are plenty of reviews online of people that have successfully made money promoting brands on Carvertise, there are also stories of those that have been disappointed by the experience.

Common sore spots include the difficulty in qualifying for campaigns in some areas, as well as the time required to complete the wrapping process.

All this said, it is only fair to look at the pros and cons to the Carvertise experience.

Carvertise pros and cons

There are a number of pros and cons to joining the Carvertise community. Among the pros are:

  • The ability to make money without changing your routine: Arguably the greatest pro to wrapping your car is the ability to make money without changing any other part of your daily routine. In my opinion, this simple fact makes dealing with any of the cons worth it.

  • Choose your advertising campaign: Unlike some other wrapping companies out there, you'll have full autonomy over which brand you partner with. Of course, you can only select those brands that you qualify to work with, but you'll have the final say, which I like.

Like with any other side hustle out there, I would like to see a few things change:

  • More reliable work: There are some complaints online from Carvertise members about how it can be difficult to find enough recurring work on the platform to make it worth it as a long term side hustle. I understand how this can be frustrating, so I always recommend that my readers join other wrapping sites like Wrapify and Nickelytics in addition to Carvertise.

  • 30 mile per day minimum: Remember, you'll need to drive at least thirty miles per day in order to be eligible for Carvertise campaigns. This means that people that work at home full-time are unlikely to qualify, even if they still drive 20 miles per day in densely populated cities like Boston, Chicago, or New York.

  • Time required to wrap your car: This can vary greatly by site and location, but I've heard stories online about some sites taking multiple days to complete the wrapping of your vehicle. This may not be a big deal for some, but it may also cause a real headache for others.

Is Carvertise worth it?

In my opinion, wrapping your car is worth it, under certain circumstances. To start with, you'll need to be comfortable with the idea of driving around with advertisements on your car.

But perhaps most importantly, you'll need to be okay with the fact that wrapping your car with Carvertise is not something that will make you rich, though it absolutely can produce you with a couple of hundred dollars per month to help offset your driving expenses.

To maximize the experience, I recommend you join Carvertise in conjunction with other car wrapping services such as Wrapify, Nickelytics, Stickr, and StickerRide.

Carvertise frequently asked questions

You have questions, I have answers.

1. What cities does Carvertise operate in?

As of March 2023, the platform was available to drivers in 75 cities, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and Dallas. Since its founding in 2012, the platform has grown to over 500,000 drivers.

2. Which brands advertise with Carvertise?

Over the past few years, a number of very high-profile companies and businesses have turned to Carvertise for high profiling advertising exposure in and around some of the nation's largest cities.

Among those companies looking for brand partners include Wawa, Nascar, Blue Cross, Netflix, Buffalo Wild Wings, and more!

3. Carvertise vs. Wrapify - which is better?

Whenever I mention car wrapping services to readers or side hustle clients, I'm oftentimes asked which is better. My answer is usually the same: it depends on your location and driving habits.

If you live in an area where only one of these companies is active, you should obviously start with that company.

Besides this technicality, though, it truly depends on your driving habits. With Wrapify, there technically is no cap to the amount of passive income you can make. You'll be paid somewhere between $0.20 per mile you drive, meaning that those that drive many miles per week may be able to make more money on Wrapify.

There have been reports of the mileage tracker on Wrapify being inaccurate at times, causing some to earn less than they feel they were owed. It is really up to you and your preferences.

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