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8 Side Hustles for Couples to Work Together [2023]

Updated: Feb 18

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I've been writing about side hustles for some time now at The Student Debt Destroyer. And we've shared with you what we think are some pretty creative ways to make a few extra dollars on the side.

Today, we're here with another list of the best side gigs, but what makes this list different is that we've compiled what we think are those best hustles that you can work on with your significant other. Not only will these strategies make you some extra money, but they may also improve your relationship by inspiring you to spend more time together.

Below are the best side hustles for couples.

The best side hustles for couples

Side hustles have exploded in popularity as a way for couples to make extra money and build a more secure financial future. The best part is that they don't even need to feel like work.

Without further ado, here are my favorite side gigs for couples to work together.

1. Start an Etsy business together

Sometimes, in a relationship, one member is more artistic than the other, while the other may be more quantitative in nature. If this describes your reality, it may be worth exploring an Etsy business together. You'll just need to decide what you'd like to sell.

Luckily, there are tons of Etsy money making guides on Google to help you decide. Once you have a creative product idea, one of you can handle the product side of things, while the other handles the financial aspects to operating a business.

Etsy can be a great low-stakes way for you to get started and test your product ideas out before you scale too. And the best part is that you'll get to spend plenty of time together working towards a common goal.

2. Flip liquidation pallets

If there is one thing that many couples share in common, it is balancing one member's love of shopping with the other's passion for finding good deals. If this describes you even remotely, then flipping liquidation pallets could be perfect for you. In fact, it is one of my favorite side hustle recommendations for couples to consider.

Here's how it works. Retailers oftentimes bundle together overstock items or unsold inventory into these pallets that are sold at a discount.

Sometimes you can see what is in a pallet and other times you can't, so it can be a bit of a gamble, but thousands of Americans per month purchase these pallets from retailers directly, or through sites like B-Stock,, and Direct Liquidation.

But purchasing items in bulk in this manner may provide you the opportunity to sell them individually on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or eBay. Doing so, while paying attention to the prices your competition offers, can help you to turn a profit!

3. Flip concert tickets

Maybe the two of you have a knack for entertainment and a love of music. If so, maybe you'll consider buying and flipping tickets to popular concerts across the country. And while you'll want to make sure you stay compliant with all state and federal scalping laws, online resales are generally permitted.

The key is identifying those shows that are most likely to be profitable and avoiding situations where demand for a certain event may disappear. As a general rule of thumb, you'll want to consider shows that meet the following guidelines:

  1. Showcase a popular performer (Beyonce, Bruce Springsteen, etc.)

  2. Are expected to sell out in a number of minutes

  3. You can buy good tickets that superfans would be willing to pay over face value for

Do keep in mind that there are risks here, including the loss of your investment. But by starting small, you can learn the process quickly! Plus, by making this a couple oriented side hustle, you may find yourself seeing some pretty awesome shows along the way.

We've even written a guide for you on how to flip concert tickets successfully.

4. Start and run a blog

If one or both of you enjoy writing, starting and running a blog could be a great side project for you to do together. One (or both) of you can write content for your site about whatever you want, while also divvying up responsibilities including:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Marketing

  • Building an email list

In time, you'll be able to monetize your site through products, affiliate marketing, and other streams. To help you get started, check out this guide to monetizing a blog. A really popular niche right now is travel and lifestyle, so depending on how much profit you're aiming to make, you could try to earn enough to subsidize your travels as a couple.

5. Refurbishing old furniture

One of our favorite business ideas for couples is to try refurbishing old furniture. It is a great way to work together towards a goal, and the results can be astonishing. By buying old dressers, bureaus, or coffee tables, and then staining, refinishing and replacing hardware, you can make old pieces look brand new.

And once you turn these pieces into something amazing, it isn't hard to find buyers. You'll want to consider sites like Facebook Marketplace, which can help connect you to buyers in your geographic area.

You'll want to become proficient at identifying which pieces have the best chances of earning a return on your investment, and our guide can help you accomplish this.

6. Start a pressure washing business

We've written about starting pressure washing businesses before. And the reasons for it are clear. The work is easy, the money is good, and the results are very clear to your clients. What could be better?

Working with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, of course. If one of you is better at outdoors type projects, you can complete the projects, going from job site to job site as required.

And the other one of you can play a support role, doing administrative work such as handling phone/email inquiries, invoices, and other office work. Plus - any extra time can be spent working on marketing strategies such as social media accounts, mailers, and anything else you deem a good idea!

7. Start a tutoring business

Finally, one of our favorite side hustles for couples to work together. You may opt to start a tutoring business. You both likely have different skill sets to leverage, and there a bunch of different ways to structure this. Both of you may tutor, or one of you may perform the behind the scenes client acquisition and administrative work.

However you decide to structure your business, you can both relax at night knowing the positive work you are doing can better the lives of the next generation and everyone else living in it.

8. Rent storage space on Neighbor

Do you have any extra space in your basement, attic, garage, or shed? If so, you and your partner may consider renting out any extra space you have through Neighbor. Not only is it a great potential side hustle, but it is also a great opportunity for you to make some passive income as a couple!

Sounds like a win-win to me!

My opinion on couple side gigs

So, are side hustles for couples worth it? We think so! And here is why. Working together gives you a great opportunity to both gauge the strength of your relationship and make a few dollars together while you plan your future. But it is also important that you prepare for any difficulties that may arise.

To best prepare yourself to be successful, you'll want to discuss how you'll handle any disagreements that may arise as a result of your side hustle. Will you figure them out together? Does one person get a final say? Having answers to these questions can help you to avoid fights, work well as a team, and keep your side gig on track.

Other suggestions that we recommend include:

  • Set expectations for the hours you'll each put in

  • What tasks will each member perform?

  • Deciding in advance how you will handle entrepreneurial stress as it arises

While these tips send basic, thinking through them ahead of time can help you to avoid conflict.

Tips to help your side hustle

I've done a ton of work in the side gig space over the past few years, especially as it pertains to using them to pay off student or consumer debt. Along the way, we've learned a number of tips to help you start bringing in the revenue a little more quickly.

Above all else, remember to pick something that you have some passion for. If you are going to be working your side hustle as a couple, this is especially important, as working your side hustle can begin to feel more like spending time together and less like working. So, if you have an idea that may be a little less lucrative but sounds fun for both of you, pursue it. Your passion will power you to get up and running more quickly.

Our next tip may sound counterproductive, but it is one that I learned the hard way. Remember not to work too hard. Now, you'll obviously not want to take this too seriously, since hard work is important. But if you get frustrated or exhausted, put your project down and return to it the next day or later in the week. Burning yourself out will only serve to frustrate you and cause tension in your relationship. When I started The Student Debt Destroyer, it took me over a year to learn to get my emotions in check.

Finally, make sure that you still allocate time for you as a couple outside of work. The romantic spark brought you together in the first place anyway, and you don't want to spend 90% of your time treating each other as business associates.

Other side hustles for couples

Driving for DoorDash

Wrapify your car

Make money on Airbnb


Throughout much of history, the only way to earn extra money was to take a second job and spend more time away from your significant other, family, and friends. But hopefully this article has shown you that this does not need to be the case.

In fact, it is possible to increase your income and improve your relationship at the same time, all without feeling like you're putting in a million hours outside of work (or actually doing so!).

What are you waiting for?

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