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[2023] Becoming a TaskRabbit Tasker: How Much Money Can You Make?

Updated: Jul 17

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As the gig economy has become more mainstream, workers now have more than just rideshare options, like driving for Uber, DoorDash, or Instacart.

Companies like TaskRabbit have emerged, where you can get paid to do tasks that others need done, such as lawn mowing, completing home repairs, cleaning, or running errands.

But is working on TaskRabbit worth it? And if you do join the platform, how much money can you make?

Today, we'll take a look at the TaskRabbit platform, as well as estimate how much money you may be able to earn.

What is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is an online freelancing platform that pairs those looking for work with those looking to have everyday tasks completed. Operating in many of the major metropolitan markets across the country, workers, or Taskers as they are known, perform a large variety of tasks, including things like:

  • Yard work, mowing, raking leaves, etc.

  • Removing snow

  • Grocery shopping

  • Painting

  • Home maintenance

Founded in 2008, TaskRabbit is now available across many of the metro areas of the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom

Who is eligible to work on TaskRabbit?

The platform prides itself on flexibility. In addition to working whenever you want, you’ll only need to meet the following requirements to be eligible:

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Have a valid United States social security number

  • Subject to a background check

  • Have a checking account and credit card

It is that simple!

How TaskRabbit works

In case I haven't made it clear, here is how TaskRabbit works.

Taskers create a profile through the platform and list their availability to work, as well as any skills or experience that work requestors may find pertinent. Then, after an account approval process, you'll be able to browse and then bid on jobs in your area. From here, you'll wait for your bid to be accepted.

Then, you get to work!

TaskRabbit fees

Many freelancing platforms seem really cool from the onset, only to have you find some sort of add on fee or two that eats into your earning potential and ultimately, your profit margin. This is not the case with TaskRabbit.

New Taskers will be subject to a one-time registration fee of $25, a nominal expense that you should be able to earn back on your first or second job. Other than this, any fees will be paid by task listers. In other words, what you list your tasks for is what you’ll make.

How to become a Tasker

Getting started on TaskRabbit is simple to do. We suggest that you follow this simple 3-step process to get started:

  1. Register and create an account

  2. Create a profile

  3. Post for work

1. Registering a TaskRabbit account

You’ll need to start by creating an account, which you can either do online or through the mobile app. All you will need to get started is your name, an active email address, a cell phone number, and a password.

Registering a TaskRabbit account

If you signed up via the TaskRabbit website, you’ll receive a text message containing a link to download the mobile app.

We went through the process and found it to be easy, streamlined, and simple.

2. Download the app and creating a TaskRabbit profile

Once you’ve logged into the app, you’ll need to create your profile. Here is where you’ll provide more information about the type of work you’d like to do, the hours you will be available to work, and what your rates will be for each type of work.

You’ll first be prompted to enter your zip code or choose from an area of participating metro areas across the country. Then, the app will provide you with a list of skills you’d like to advertise on your profile. When we went through the process, again in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area, the skills were broken down into two sections – those that were in-demand in the area at the time, and then all the other skills.

For this analysis, we checked off some of each.

Choosing your skills on TaskRabbit

Next, you’ll be asked to upload a professional photo of yourself, which we did. You’ll then be taken to a screen, where you’ll be asked for your social security number and other personal information, which we won’t show here for obvious reasons.

TaskRabbit profile creation

After this, you’ll subject to a background check, designed to keep all parties safe, and then you’ll wait for account activation, which will occur after the background check results come in.

How much money can you make on TaskRabbit?

This is a hard question to answer, since it relies heavily on the tasks you perform, how often you work, and where you are based out of. Putting these variables aside for a minute, however, you may be able to earn $50 or more per hour working on TaskRabbit.

Of course, those higher earners will provide more technically advanced services, such as plumbing or something technological. If so, you can make thousands working on TaskRabbit this year. Realistically, in this scenario, someone working for ten hours a week can expect to earn $500 or so, or $26,000 per year. Not bad from a side hustle!

But even if you complete lower paying jobs, like grocery shopping, finding a way to complete these jobs in less time and with greater efficiency can help you to increase your earnings more quickly. Let's say that you decide to grocery shop for someone for $20.

Obviously, taking an hour to do so from start to final delivery would leave you with a $20 hourly rate, but finding a way to do it in just 40 minutes would be like earning $30 an hour. Just food for thought (no pun intended).

What factors impact your TaskRabbit earnings?

There are a number of variables that impact how much money you can earn on the platform. For example, your ultimate earnings will be largely dependent on:

  • The type of tasks you complete

  • The number of hours you're able to work

  • Your reputation

The tasks you complete

Of course, the type of work you complete will have a large impact on your ultimate earnings. Tasks that require some sort of expertise or prior experience can be a great way to earn a little more money. They may also have less competition since

More complicated, and thus higher paying, tasks include handyman services and furniture assembly.

Don't be afraid to do some competitive research to see the rates for different types of tasks in your area.

Number of hours you're able to work

Unsurprisingly, the number of hours that you work has a direct impact on how much money you'll be able to earn. You'll also learn over time that there are likely peak times where you'll be able to make more money.

Typically, the best times to work are weekends, particularly Saturday mornings. Work requestors have the bandwidth to think about those tasks that they want done, and both parties are off from their day jobs.

Your platform reputation

You'll meet all types of work requestors through TaskRabbit, and each time you complete a task for requestors, they'll have the opportunity to leave a review of your work quality. These reviews, if good, may incentivize future requestors to choose your bid over others competing for work.

To earn good reviews, you'll want to pay attention to the customer experience and do whatever it takes to leave a job with happy clients.

Tips to earn more money on TaskRabbit

Over the past few years, we’ve learned a number of tips that you can use to seriously increase your earnings. Among our top recommendations, which we will take one by one, are:

  1. Pay close attention to pricing

  2. Offer an array of tasks

  3. Focus on customer service

1. Pay close attention to pricing

In many instances, particular with basic tasks, requestors are likely to choose a worker based on a rate they are comfortable with. The key to pricing well is to find the balance between underpricing and overpricing.

Underpricing a task deemphasizes skills and experience that you have to offer a job, while overpricing your services has the potential to turn off potential customers from choosing you.

To find a balance, I recommend that you browse the platform to see what others charge, given their experience level and skillset.

2. Offer a variety of tasks

If you only offer one task to potential customers, it could be hard to find regular work. Instead, I recommend that offer a bunch of different tasks. Not only does it give you the opportunity to increase your earnings through the platform, but it also helps you to potentially build relationships with target customers.

If you’re into cleaning homes, for example, learning how to do some basic plumbing services, like fixing leaking sinks, can increase your potential for some ancillary income.

The same is true for tasks like yard or pool maintenance too – if you clean swimming pools for others, for example, learning how to fix common pump or filter issues can help you satisfy more customers and earn more money while doing so.

3. Focus on customer service

You need to put the customer first in everything you do. And while it can be frustrating at time, it can help you increase your earnings over time and potentially even earn you tips in the meantime, which are always a plus.

Impressing your customers means doing all the little things, such as:

  • Being prompt and professional

  • Showing up on time

  • Being courteous when you enter a home

Frequently asked questions

Prospective workers probably still have some questions they want answered before they join the platform.

1. Do Taskers need to pay taxes on their earnings?

Unfortunately, yes. Usually, Taskers are designated as independent contractor, meaning that they will receive a tax form 1099 if their earnings in a calendar year exceed $600, though there may be other instances where you may receive a tax form.

To ensure compliance with the United States' IRS regulations, you'll want to pay close attention to your earnings, as well as any business expenses that you may be able to deduct.

2. How do Taskers get paid?

Taskers will get paid directly through the platform via one of a few different approaches. At this time, you can opt for direct deposit, a debit card, or something known as TaskRabbit Direct Pay, which will hold all of your earnings until you request a withdrawal.

Your pay for completed tasks will begin to process once the work requestor approves your completed work.

Other apps like TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit isn't the only freelancing site out there for you to work for either. You may also opt to work on other freelancing sites such as Shovler, Hampr, and others.

The bottom line

TaskRabbit is a great platform for those willing to do miscellaneous jobs for those that either can't or don't want to. And while it can take some time to get your side hustle started, after some time has passed, you can begin to earn more, and potentially much more, by virtue of good customer service reviews.

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