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Stop letting your student loan stress win!

Are you seemingly drowning in student loan debt?

Are you stuck wondering how you'll ever be able to pay back your student loans, not to mention pay for a wedding, buy a house, or afford a family?

Welcome to the right place.  You're going to want to check out our student loan consulting services.  We help Americans just like you to create master plans so you can regain control of your financial life.

Student loan consulting plan

Meet your student loan consultant


"I began consulting in the student loan space because I'm tired of seeing family, friends, and colleagues struggling to afford things like marriage, first homes, and starting a family because of student loan debt.

These things shouldn't be an "either/or" proposition.

I can't wait to help you regain control of your student loans."

- Nathan Zarcaro, Founder of The Student Debt Destroyer Roadmap™

Working with The Student Debt Destroyer


We add value in a couple of ways: 

First, the planning component.  The planning document that we set you up with (seen above!) will offer sustainable paths that lead to debt freedom.  Whether that is applying for forgiveness or aggressively making payments, we will offer suggestions based on what the math dictates we should do.

And second, and just as importantly, we have the expertise needed to help you avoid all of the costly mistakes along the way.

These two simple roles allow us to offer you unparalleled value for your one-time investment in solving your student loan situation.  I'll show you the way forward, will save you thousands of dollars (potentially tens of thousands), and will assure that the plan we devise is tactful and compliant.

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My job is to add expertise, to help you understand all of your options, from a repayment, forgiveness, refinancing, and consolidation perspective.

I am here to level the playing field, to help you see your options as an expert would.  Far too often, loan servicing companies aren't fully transparent with us.  They're misinformed, inconsistent, and they have a vested interest in keeping you in debt for as long as possible.

That's not right.

And this is where we come in.

I work with both federal and private loans, and I will help you position yourself to:

  1. Understand all of your possible repayment options

  2. Strategize what makes sense for you (and what doesn't)

  3. Leverage all of the loopholes and government benefits you're eligible for

I help you strategize and chart your path forward, not fill out your loan paperwork.  And that's the difference.

How we can help you pay off your student loan debt


For just a one-time fee, you'll receive my attention for ninety minutes live over Zoom (and all of the prep work to make sure we hit the ground running).  But you'll also join a proven program that gets results.  It is rare that we don't find at least $10,000 in lifetime savings within your student loan situation.

In fact, my student loan consulting services come with a 7-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.  If you're unhappy with any part of the process - my communication before, your program intake, the consult itself, or anything in the aftermath - I will give you your money back.

Our student loan planning process will expertly analyze your situation to assess the viability of the following programs for your unique situation:

  1. Standard Repayment

  2. Federal Consolidation

  3. Private Refinancing

  4. Income-Based Repayment

  5. Pay as You Earn

  6. Revised Pay as You Earn

  7. Public Service Loan Forgiveness

  8. And more!

All of the student loan repayment plans that we'll cover fall into one of two major categories.  They are based either on your income or based on your outstanding balance that you owe.  Consequently, all the strategies available to you fall into the resulting two categories:

  • Reducing your current payments

  • Aggressively paying down what you owe

We'll decide which of these works best for you, and tailor our student loan advice accordingly.

Paying off your loans as quickly as possible

For some borrowers, we may advise you to payoff your loans as quickly as you can.

This approach tends to make sense for a couple types of borrowers:

  1. Those with steady incomes well above the national average

  2. Those working in fields where any type of student loan forgiveness is unlikely

If you're making good money, have excess cashflow, and know that you're unlikely to qualify for any state or federal forgiveness programs, paying down additional principal each month can help you become debt-free years early and potentially save thousands of dollars at the same time!


If we decide that this is the best path forward for you, rest assured knowing that we'll put together a customized plan that leaves you comfortable, confident, and excited for the end result.  We'll make sure that you're all set with everything you need to be successful.

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Pursuing alternate strategies and forgiveness programs

We also have all of the expertise needed to help you navigate the student loan forgiveness landscape, both at a state and a federal level.

Did you know that 48 states nationwide have programs to aid the repayment of teachers, lawyers, engineers, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers?


We can help you explore your eligibility, create a strategy, and understand your other options in case you aren't accepted to a certain program.

In an attempt to increase your monthly cash flow, we may opt to spread out reduced monthly payments over a longer period of time.  This most usually takes the form of student loan consolidation, refinancing, or some sort of income-driven repayment options, commonly known as IDR.

If we decide that IDR is the best option for you, we will choose one of the following programs (based on what is the cheapest for you):

Other options to open up some cash flow in the short to medium term are other forgiveness programs, such as Public Student Loan Forgiveness, Teacher Loan Forgiveness, and other repayment programs.  

One thing that we'll be sure to work through is the taxable versus the tax-exempt status of any repayment plan that we decide is right for you.  Our student loan advice is succinct, clear, and thorough, assuring that you'll be left with no surprises!

We can also help you explore the private refinancing options available to you, as well as run any cost/benefit analysis before you make a decision.

Our student loan help sessions


Our student loan intensive planning sessions are about 90 minutes in length, but that is far from the only contact we'll have as we work together.

Once you book your session, you'll hear from Nate via email with all of your welcome information.  This will include some information for you to browse, as well as an intake form (Google Form) that we'll ask you to complete to help Nate prepare for your session.

In the week or so leading up to your live consultation, which will be conducted via Zoom, you'll probably hear from Nate a couple more times with clarifying questions.  This way, when you get on Zoom, we'll be able to hit the ground running, rather than spending a portion of our time on "housekeeping items."


And once your session is complete, you'll also receive 30 days of unlimited chat support with Nate via What's App - this way, as you begin to implement your plan, you'll have a resource to help you tie up all of those loose ends.


You'll be in contact with Nate, and only Nate, the entire time.  That's a guarantee.

A student loan advising plan

Beyond our 90 minute session together, you'll also receive a customized student loan plan as part of our partnership together (snippet pictured above).  It will contain projected monthly payments, outstanding balances, and debt-free years for all of the strategies that are available to you.


Student debt consulting frequently asked questions

What is a student loan consultant?

A student loan consultant is a financial professional that will help guide you on your journey to student debt freedom.  More specifically, student loan consultants are people that are able to help student loan borrowers to strategize and plan out their student loan repayment.  By providing honest student loan advice, you'll be able to see what your options are.

Here at The Student Debt Destroyer, Nate has three goals for borrowers that utilize our student loan consulting services:

  1. To help you identify options that you may not have considered

  2. To use these options to craft a unique repayment strategy

  3. To implement your new repayment strategy in a way that works for you

What will a student loan consultant work with you on?

Student loan consultants work with their clients at all stages of the student debt process.  Nate specializes in working with Americans to:

  • Stop wasting money in interest by either refinancing or picking another repayment strategy

  • Understand their chances of student loan forgiveness and the various state or federal programs that may be available to them.

We are not attorneys, and it is not in our nature to tell you that your best option is declaring bankruptcy.  Together, we'll find a real solution that will reduce your monthly payments, or get your money back.

Start with our student loan calculator - right to your inbox!

Our calculator contains everything that you need to know to get out of debt once and for all.

What should you look for in a student loan consultant?

The expert that you enlist should be well-experienced in navigating the challenging student loan climate in the United States.  He/she should:

  • Understand the student loan system

  • Have a set program designed to help federal and private borrowers

  • Have demonstrated expertise

Unfortunately, there is also a growing trend of scammers and so called experts trying to take advantage of the student debt crisis.

The Department of Education has deliberately designed forms that are simple enough for you to complete on your own.  Never pay "an expert" for help in completing your loan paperwork.

How much does student loan consulting cost?

Our student loan advisory sessions cost $219 and will last about ninety minutes.  We pride ourselves on being more affordable than many of our competitors, while simultaneously adding all of the value you need to truly make a difference.