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Grow Your Green LLC Disclaimer

The information on this website and all information across any Grow Your Green social media platforms expresses opinions of the Grow Your Green team.  Neither Grow Your Green nor its writers, employees, or representatives are financial advisors, brokers, dealers, or in the business of providing any investment advice.  Please consult with applicable experts with your specific investment and tax circumstances.

All information provided by Grow Your Green and through any applicable Grow Your Green distribution channels is intended to serve an educational purpose.  Though you may learn general principles of paying off student loan debt, the information is not intended to encourage you to make or refrain from making a decision based on this material.  Always conduct your own research and come to your own conclusion.

Any books, courses, and blog posts are designed to introduce you to material that we find helpful within our own financial lives.  This is not to say that you will agree with our perspective, opinions, or ideas.  All information provided within our content is original content, unless explicitly stated and cited. 

Student loan conditions can change rapidly, and Grow Your Green will make an honest effort to keep information up to date as applicable.  There may be times when an information lag may be present, and we cannot guarantee that any content has not subsequently changed as a result of Congressional legislation, new guidelines, or changes to existing law.  Neither Grow Your Green nor its contributors are responsible for any incorrect or outdated information.

Grow Your Green may be compensated in the future for promoting specific companies and products.  Any future change in this policy will be communicated via an updated disclaimer on our website at 

Affiliate Disclosure

This disclaimer will be updated in the future should we introduce affiliate links to our site.  These links may allow Grow Your Green to earn commissions through your participation, clicks, and subsequent purchases off of third party websites.  Most importantly, no affiliate partnership will influence Grow Your Green’s neutral status.  Our focus is and will remain to be covering student loan debt in a millennial centric world.

Updated 12/18/2020

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